Implant-supported fixed restorations in edentulous patients

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Implant-supported fixed restorations in edentulous patients

Nowadays, dental implants have become a part of routine treatment planning. In addition to single tooth missigs, implants are accepted especially by edentulous patients and show high success rates.

Detal implants

In edentulous patients, the number of implants can vary between 4 and 8 in a single jaw.

Thanks to digital dentistry, implant applications are planned digitally. With surgical guides, this planning can be applied to the patient quickly and without errors.

Virtual implant application is performed on the images obtained by 3D dental tomography taken from the patient. Personal implant guides are also prepared so that the implants placed virtually can be reflected in the patient's mouth.

Surgical guides ensure that the implants are placed in the correct position, as well as that the surgical procedure can be performed without sutures. With this technique, the duration of the surgical procedure is minimized and the gingival healing takes place in a very short time after surgery. In this highly developed technique, after the patient comes to treatment, all implants are applied and the fixed temporary teeth that are specially prepared are delivered to the patient on the same day. This technique; Names such as 'Same day fixed dental implant treatment', 'ALL on 4', 'ALL on 6' or 'Fast and Fixed' are also given.