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“It is an implant application that dental implant is placed in the bone as designed on the computer”

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots placed in the jaw to replace missing teeth in the mouth. Implant dental applications made without cutting the gingiva and without stitching are called “Flapless Implant”.

flapless implant

How is a Flapless Implant Made?

The first step is to take the 3D dental tomography image and intraoral scan measurements of the patient to be implanted, plan them in a special computer program and place the implants on the appropriate bone points. Thus, it is possible to place the implants in the most correct prosthetic position with the help of guides, whose angles and positions are prepared in 3D before the procedure. At the surgical stage, with the help of these guides, the implants are placed in the jawbone quickly and as planned on the computer.

Flapless Implant Treatment for Fast Healing

Since the bone structure, bone thickness and anatomical structures are known in 3D, implants can be placed in all cases without cutting the gingiva. Only the place where the implant will enter is opened with a laser and the implant is placed. Since the gingiva does not open widely, there is no need for stitches and since the gingiva does not separate from the bone, the blood circulation around the implant is not impaired. Therefore, since there is no trauma to the bone and gingiva, the patient experiences a comfortable and fast recovery period without pain and swelling.

Who Can Be Applied to Flapless Implant Treatment?

Flapless implant treatment is one of the most practical implant surgery techniques for both the patient and the doctor. The flapless implant technique, which requires much fewer sessions, also increases the success rate with its short recovery time and low risk of infection. If the patient does not have a serious general health problem, it is okay to have a flapless implant surgery. It is important to check the structure of the patient's jawbone during the examination before the flapless implant treatment. Flapless implant treatment can be applied to any individual whose jaw bone structure is suitable.